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Our Fitness Facts

Our small blog of fitness facts can help prepare you for your fitness journey, so please take advantage of this opportunity.


of my gym members recomended us


of my gym members recomended us


Importantly, we don’t need to invent anything new or redefine what makes us “us.” The formula is CrossFit, and CrossFit is the formula. It’s who we are and what we do. It is the recipe for our unparalleled efficacy — from forging elite fitness to reversing and preventing chronic disease to all those harder-to-measure things as well, like the deep satisfaction, grit, and resiliency we develop; the connections we create; and the sense of purpose we imbue. 

The first part of the formula is the

The first thing that’s absolutely critical to understand is that our methodology is the driver of our unparalleled efficacy, our results. And what do I mean by results? Not only does CrossFit make people fit, but you can make a strong argument that we make people fitter faster and more safely than any other program out there. Our results are universal, predictable, and repeatable. Our methodology works for everyone, can be scaled for anyone, and the results accrue over the long term.

The second part of the formula is our

Our ethos is our culture, our values, our non- negotiables. And it is inextricably linked to our methodology. We did not sit in a room to determine our values. We did not survey fitness fanatics at large and ask, “What do you value?” or “What’s important to you?” Our ethos did not emerge from a focus group or a marketing strategy session; it developed organically and authentically from the methodology.Our ethos is the authentic, no-bullshit heart of what we believe and stand upon. It involves an appreciation for hard work, accountability, courage, and service in support of others. It is what makes us us.

The third part of the formula is the

The coach is the most critical ingredient. The CrossFit coach brings the methodology and ethos to life. Our coaches are the gold standard. They are not cheerleaders or group fitness trainers. They are not characters on a stage. Instead, our coaches display true character through knowing and serving someone else with the goal of helping them achieve their goals. The potency of the CrossFit methodology is only fully expressed in the hands of a great coach. If we think of our formula as an equation, the coach is a force multiplier. They make the whole thing work in practice, and they amplify the impact.