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Playing Hurt . -Competition while you injured it is not the best option.

Playing Hurt . -Competition while you injured it is not the best option.

Participating in competitive sport or training sessions despite being injured or in pain is very risky, but nevertheless very common. This behavior, is especially problematic among elite athletes due to the elevated risks of pain chronification, subsequent injuries and consecutive damages that may occur. The purpose of this article is to evaluate which internal and external determinants and context conditions play a role in the decision.

Results show that playing while ill or in pain is common practice, even among young elite basketball players or professionals seniors weightlifters . Among all the athletes observed in a study based on competition performance  , 39% indicated that they would play even if they did not feel well physically.

The regression coefficients of multiple linear regression analyses revealed that groups that are particularly at risk for this behaviour include older adolescents, players who display over-conformity to a sports ethic, those who exhibit higher non-compliance with medical recommendations and players from sporting boarding or similar schools.

 On the one hand, the results illustrate the important key role and thus the ethical responsibility that the athletes’ team  and doctors carry. On the other hand, there is an urgent need for a better communication and closer collaboration between the athlete and persons in charge (trainers, parents, doctors, physiotherapists and other caretakers). My suggestion for improving the situation is an athlete’s conference similar to case conferences with everyone that develop a role in his/her performance .

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