Gyms Are Low Risk for COVID-19 Transmission.

Gyms Are Low Risk for COVID-19 Transmission.

In response to the second surge of COVID-19 cases, multiple states and jurisdictions have moved to reclose businesses to mitigate further spread. Despite existing data results attesting to the lower risk profile of health clubs, fitness establishments have been among the businesses mandated to close or operate in a more-reduced capacity.

Recently commissioned the University of Oregon’s Consulting Group to study the association between health club attendance and COVID-19 cases using Colorado data as a proxy. Department of Public Health & Environment provides a comprehensive online database of COVID-19 cases and transmission settings.

“Opposing views from the media and uncertainty in the scientific community create ambiguity for gym-goers, club operators, and legislators about the safety of gyms during the COVID-19 pandemic,”.

-What can we learn from the data?”

In short, the findings are clear: health clubs do not pose the same risk as other venues like bars and restaurants.

To determine this outcome, University of Oregon researchers examined the relationship between gym attendance and Colorado COVID-19 case data using observational and statistical analytical methods.

“If we look at Colorado’s record of self-reported outbreak—events in which two or more people have contracted COVID—gyms haven’t made the list up to this point, but bars and restaurants certainly have,”.

 “What if we investigate further and compare what we know about gyms and Covid-19 cases?”

By examining the correlation between weekly gym attendance data with the following week of positive COVID-19 rates, researchers found a non-statistically significant correlation between COVID-19 case rates and gym attendance.

Gym attendance vs. COVID-19 cases in Colorado from illness onset. SOURCE: OCG

“We have been talking to stakeholders, and we do not feel this is one of the higher risk settings because people are wearing masks at the gym. Gyms are ensuring social distancing and also cleaning their equipment. So we are comfortable allowing it,” said Jill Ryan, executive director of the CDPHE.

Correlation between gym attendance and COVID-19 positivity rates. SOURCE: OCG

 “There is no correlation between health club visits and COVID-19 cases.” “We need to be reasonable and critical when it comes to evaluating relative risk.  Gyms do not belong in the same risk category as bars and restaurants,”. “ States need to examine their data more closely before hastily closing down gyms and instead making decisions based on what they are seeing upon the studies’ results.”

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