Thiago Ferreira

CrossFit Coach FLT

Thiago Ferreira is a trilingual (Portuguese, English, Spanish) 37-year-old Brazilian CrossFit Level 2 trainer with a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education. Thiago has more than 6 years of experience working as a CrossFit trainer with a previous background in the training of high-performance professional tennis players and fighters. Thiago holds multiple CrossFit certifications some of which include CrossFit Mobility and Endurance, Fascial Movement Taping, and Olympic Weightlifting. In addition, he has also received certifications in Gym Sales andManagement and have held managerial and/or head coach positions at two different CrossFit affiliates. Along his career, Thiago has been recognized as one of the pioneers receiving the Level 1 CrossFit trainer certificatein Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He has served as a CrossFit judge in multiple CrossFit national competitions and tournaments in his country of origin Brazil, some of which include Eleiko Rio Crossfit, Braves Challenge Fit, MamutInternational Rio and CrossFit Open. Thiago’s well-versedtraining has exposed him to diverse groups of trainees with different levels of training ranging from beginners to competitive levels. He takes pride in imparting a CrossFittraining and programing that focuses on the varying needs of his clients while at the same time encouraging and motivating each individual to reach their training goals by tapping into their potential and self-confidence.

Education & Certification

  • CrossFit Level 1

  • Licensed Athletic Trainer

  • Licensed Massage Therapist.

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