Nathalia Sanchez

CrossFit Coach Fort Lauderdale

Originally from the Dominican Republic, grew up playing various sports, including basketball and track. She was also a dancer for a performance group for three years, where she performed Latin and hip-hop choreography.
In her early twenties, she moved to the U.S. where she learned English. Shortly after moving, she developed an interest in Taekwondo and competed until she reached the brown belt level.
In 2013, Nathalia began teaching Zumba classes, where she discovered her passion for coaching and her interest in different fitness programs. She became a personal trainer and began taking crossfit and kickboxing classes. She fell in love with crossfit and was determined to learn more and dig deeper. Nathalia is currently a FITcademy and kickboxing coach, as well as a personal trainer and Zumba instructor

Education & Certification

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