Kerry Valle

CrossFit Coach Miami

Kerry was born and raised in Miami. He grew up in a very competitive environment: his father was in love with sports and passed on that passion to Kerry and his 3 siblings. He has a robust athletic background that includes baseball, football, basketball, wrestling, track, and mixed martial arts. Working with weights, and fitness, in general, were a natural progression of his passion for wellness and fitness. Kerry is fairly new to Crossfit: he decided to try it out recently, after he watched the Crossfit Games one night as he was studying. Kerry tells us that the minute he stepped inside CrossFit Muscle Farm Miami and did his first WOD, he knew this was something he wanted to do for a long time. “I have a big passion for it now, because Crossfit brings out the best in me.

Every little thing I do allows me to improve my performance every day, and Muscle Farm is also a place where everyone becomes family: we all help each other. It’s just a place where everyone is a big supporter of every movement you do and that is incredibly amazing. Looking forward to being a big supporter to any CFMF member as a coach, as a friend and as teammates. I know coaching will make me a better athlete while I encourage others to excel at the same time.” A fun fact about Kerry – he has a Nursing degree and admits to loving shoes – he once collected over 100 pair in his closet!

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