Juan Lugo

F.I.T. Coach Miami

I truly believe that feeling fit and healthy brings happiness to your life. My aim? To get people to fall in love with that feeling too. I’ve been in the fitness industry for more than seven years. Prior to that experience, I participated in all sorts of sports including football, volleyball, roller hockey, baseball, track, and even breakdancing! And what I came to realize is that I am deeply interested in movement. This drove me towards a different approach and a belief that fitness should be fun and more importantly, fitness should be forever.

In 2006 I decided to use my energy and enthusiasm for health and fitness and started personal training. I have enjoyed great success with a diverse range of clients from individuals just looking to shape up, to seniors and even experienced gym-goers looking to take their training to the
Juan Lugo
F.I.T. Coach, CFMF Miami
next level. I understand that a little extra push by someone who cares, observes and corrects technique, regularly gives praise, educates and recognizes personal achievements can make a huge difference to anyone, regardless of their fitness level. There are many ways to work out. Integrate as many training concepts into your sessions as possible, and see which ones will fit your body and personality. And enjoy yourself in the process.

My work has been featured in Shape Magazine Germany, Ocean Drive Magazine and in ReebokOne.com.

Education & Certification

  • NCSF Ceritified Personal Trainer

  • Kettlebell Athletics Level 1

  • Kettlebell Athletics Level 2

  • Animal Flow Coach

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