Jane Dergacheva

Jane Dergacheva

F.I.T. Coach Miami

Jane moved from Russia to the U.S. a short 6 years ago. Sports have always been a major part of her life; she was involved in athletics and volleyball during her childhood. While living in Key West she started her own boot camp class, which she says brought her a great deal of joy. She later moved to Miami, where she discovered CrossFit. She was an awesome CrossFitter and we’re very excited to have her as one of our Miami-based F.I.T. instructors. “I’m so happy to have the opportunity to coach our new F.I.T. classes! My main love for coaching is driven by the possibility of inspiring others to reach their goals, to motivate them to be better athletes. Coaching gives me more confidence as a leader. True leaders don’t create followers; we create more leaders! Let’s make this the best year for your health, and for achieving new fitness goals together!”

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