Carlos Damian

CrossFit Coach Miami

Carlos Damian has always liked sports despite of being a chubby teen. He loved all sport teams and his body didn’t hold him back. In fact, it made him become more aware about it and how certain behaviors can affect the body positively or negatively.
He studied several courses about nutrition and performance, which helped him understand his own body and how he could push it accordingly. His studies paid off over time as he was recruited and accepted into several teams by his early 20s. He became an athlete of the soccer, swimming, rugby and ultimate Frisbee teams.
Seeing his success, he grew interested in extreme sports too. He participated in a 4-days and 3-nights non-stop extreme competition similar to the “Eco Challenge,” where he tested his endurance and mind tolerance to prolong stress exposure.

After completing this competition successfully, he realized he could help others to shape their body just as he did. Initially, he started helping his close friends and his loved ones achieving their fitness goals. But it wasn’t until he found CrossFit in 2012 that he realized this sports’ methodology was indeed the one he needed for himself and those he was trying to help along the way.

Immediately after, he started working on various CrossFit coaching certifications such as the L-1 and L-2 to have a better understanding of the sport.
As part of the requirements of his L-2 certification, he needed to complete 50 coaching hours and that is when he found CrossFit Muscle Farm Downtown. After shadowing the coaches and practicing his skills with the local community, he successfully obtained his Crossfit Level 2 trainer certificate.

CarlosDamian firmly beliefs he will never stop learning, improving himself and his knowledge. In addition, to his CrossFit credentials, he holds a Chemical Engineering degree of the Universidad Central De Venezuela, a Photography Associates from Instituto De Artes Visuales Rafael Monasterios, and he plays the guitar and loves listening to music on his spare time.

Education & Certification

  • CrossFit Level 1

  • CrossFit Level 2

  • Gymnastics Trainer Certificate

  • NCSF certification

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