Andrea Charles

Coach FLT

Andrea converted from distance running to CrossFit looking for a more social and indoor sport during her internships in Wisconsin and Minnesota in the winter of 2012. Since then, the competitive and challenging aspects of CrossFit had her hooked on the CrossFit koolaid. In February 2015, she joined Crossfit Muscle Farm and developed a passion for weightlifting. Competing in several weight lifting competitions under the coaching of Pablo Roman placing 3rd in the 2015 State Championships as a 58kg lifter. She has also competed in multiple local CrossFit competitions individually and on teams. She currently holds the back squat and overall total records in USAPL, competing in multiple powerlifting competitions over the past couple years.

Andrea recently became a member of the coaching staff and is a valuable asset as she has her Doctorate in Physical Therapy giving her an excellent understanding of the body and movement. She would say her expertise is in hand stand push-ups and butterfly pull-ups so come ask her for a crash course to improve your skills!

Follow her on Instagram @acharles13

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