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Gyms Are Low Risk for COVID-19 Transmission.

In response to the second surge of COVID-19 cases, multiple states and jurisdictions have moved to reclose businesses to mitigate further spread. Despite existing data results attesting to the lower risk profile of health clubs, fitness establishments have been among the businesses mandated to close or operate in a more-reduced capacity. Recently commissioned the University of ... Read More
Efficacy of Carbohydrate Ingestion on CrossFit Exercise Performance.

Efficacy of Carbohydrate Ingestion on CrossFit Exercise Performance.

The efficacy of carbohydrate ingestion during high-intensity strength and conditioning type exercise has yield mixed results. However, little is known about shorter duration high-intensity exercise such as CrossFit. The purpose of an applied experiment was to investigate the performance impact of carbohydrates ingestion during high-intensity exercise sessions lasting approximately 30 min. Eight healthy males & ... Read More

Playing Hurt . -Competition while you injured it is not the best option.

Participating in competitive sport or training sessions despite being injured or in pain is very risky, but nevertheless very common. This behavior, is especially problematic among elite athletes due to the elevated risks of pain chronification, subsequent injuries and consecutive damages that may occur. The purpose of this article is to evaluate which internal and ... Read More

Fuelling Right = Performing Right.

Athletes have many strategies they can use when fueling for performance. Nutrition can play a crucial role in optimizing training sessions as well as with recovery and metabolic adaptation. Athletes should be able to obtain both adequate macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fats) and micronutrients through a variety of foods. Sports medicine providers should help athletes navigate ... Read More

Fat burners Do Not Impair Whole-body Fat Oxidation During Moderate-intensity Exercise in Adults.

Some lipid-lowering agents, for example, nicotinic acid, caffeine  and fibrates, decrease an individual’s ability to oxidize fat during exercise. However, it is unclear whether fat burners affect whole-body fat oxidation during exercise in athletic. Whether fatty acid oxidation is impaired in an active exercise population, while walking at a moderate intensity Analysis of respiratory data ... Read More

The Joint Powers during the Standing Long Jump and Maximum Isokinetic Strength of the Lower Limb Joints

The jumping motion is a basic movement of the human body and plays a fundamental role in sports and physical performance. Jumping from a standing start with maximum effort exerted at once (the vertical jump) requires maximum power output by the lower limb muscles. However, in jumping motions that involve complex technical aspects associated with ... Read More

How CrossFit Improves Your Mental Health

The CrossFit Hype What is CrossFit all about anyway? Greg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit, explains Crosfit as a mixture of weightlifting, gymnastics, and metabolic conditioning. It does not focus on only one part of your body, but rather on building your overall strength and fitness. One of the reasons CrossFit is so popular is it involves varied ... Read More
The Ten best Food Categories for a Crossfitter.

The Ten best Food Categories for a Crossfitter.

AND WAYS TO ADD THEM TO YOUR DAILY DIET Does your diet support your CrossFit workout? When you are not eating right, even a high-intensity, heart-pumping workout will not improve your fitness prowess. If you are not making the most of your daily diet, it simply won’t get you those perfectly chiseled abs or toned ... Read More
The Clean.

The Clean.

The King of All Exercises Were it not for the snatch, the clean would have but laughable challenges to the title “King of All Exercises.” Oddly, we start our examination of the clean with mention of the snatch, as many of the superlatives attributed to the clean apply equally to the snatch. Clearing the air ... Read More
Crossfit Can Fix Stress & Anxiety

Crossfit Can Fix Stress & Anxiety

Many people have anxiety and stress. And most college students will say that that are stressed or identify with having anxiety. There are many things that can solve stress and anxiety like medications, oils, songs, creams, naps, screaming, ice cream, Jesus, cuddling, etc ect. BUT what if I told you a good stress relief and ... Read More